Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pottery Shard Owl Charm Earrings

This was supposed to be my very first full day of jewellery making - but I forgot I am starting a 4 day evening class tonight - jewellery tool making. We will be learning how to make chasing tools I believe. On a bench grinder I hope - I like bench grinders.

I managed to finish the pair of whale earrings I started yesterday - then I somehow lost one of them - not quite sure how that happened. It's somewhere in my house - which means it will never be seen again... There are things in here that have been missing since the 1990s, when I moved in!
I'll have to make the poor remaining whale a new partner.

They didn't look quite right on my favourite ear wire shape, so I made some new ones - over sized kidney wires, so that the charm dangles nicely and is secure as well. Better.

Lastly - a just finished a pair of owl charm earrings, using brown and white pottery shards, and the same style of large ear wires.

Lonely whale

Owl Charm Earrings on large ear wires...

1 comment:

  1. I love all these gorgeous things! I've discovered that the trick to finding lost things is to move house! Might be rather a dramatic step for one lost earring though! x


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