Thursday, 21 July 2011

Silver Whale with Sea Glass and Reversible Pottery Shard Pendant

Yesterday I decided to leave the copper alone and do some work in silver, for a change. I had a wonderful piece of pottery that had a design on both sides, and I didn't want to lose either, so I made a frame out of fine silver bezel strip, with a soldered bail. It looks best (I decided) on a simple silver snake chain.

Also - a silver whale with a beautiful cobalt blue piece of sea glass, that I have had for ages, can't even remember which beach I found it on - but somewhere in the Mediterranean...
Since I had already attempted a 'frame' for the pottery shard above, I also made one on the whale necklace - an extra 'bubble' as an embellishment.

Sea glass is so beautiful - I have a huge collection but most of the pieces are too small for jewellery as I was into making micro mosaics out of them a while back...

Front - notice the tiny flower on top!

This is the back - nearly as nice!
Silver and Sea Glass Whale with Bubble!

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