Monday, 27 February 2012

Enamel Owls and Drops

My morning's work so far (I already had the etchings from last week, so I just managed the enamel parts) - I got a bit more adventurous with the colours, and mixed transparent and opaque in the owls. I also made these usable by soldering on some jump rings.
The long silver and blue drops are similar so some I made previously, but with a slightly different shade of blue...

Green owl, dark blue sky, moon... Enamel on copper

Blue owl, lavender sky... Enamel on copper

Lavender Blue and Silver Long Drop Enamel Earrings 


  1. Tania,
    I don't know which one I like more so I will not pick they are all beautiful!

  2. Those owls are just adorable :)

  3. Thank you all for your lovely comments :-)


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