Sunday, 19 February 2012

Old Bottle Fair

I have become fascinated with old bottles since I began collecting glass shards in the Thames. So I went to a bottle fair, to see if I could learn more about the possible dates of the pieces I find.

Not sure I'm any more informed about dates now, but I couldn't resist buying some...
They were cheap, so I don't feel too guilty. Aren't they just gorgeous?

My new old glass bottles. I know, I haven't had a chance to take the price stickers off yet...
These are some of the ones I didn't buy... (there wasn't much light in there so photographing was tricky)

Berkhampstead Bottle Fair

Berkhampstead Bottle Fair

Clarke's Miraculous Salve
Best Application For Ulcerated Bad Legs
Boils, Abcesses, Eczema
and All Skin Eruptions

Early 1900s

Bear Grease Bottle - bear grease was used for hair and wigs

Berkhampstead Bottle Fair

Berkhampstead Bottle Fair

Mermaid Bottle - Berkhampstead Bottle Fair

Felix the Cat


  1. Tania,
    I love old glass, heck I love anything doing with glass. I know that most glass bottles made before the 1900's has magnesium in the glass and left out in the sun will turn a beautiful shade of lavender. I noticed the bottle in the second photo that is a lavender color I'm just wondering if that glass has magnesium.

    1. Hi Therese, you would have loved the fair then, there was so much to see! I'm not sure if the bottle in the photo contains magnesium, but I'm tempted to leave some of mine out in the sun to make them change colour :-)


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