Friday, 24 February 2012

Why I Love Enamels #1 - Vintage

I just thought I'd share some of the images I have collected over the last couple of years, of enamelled pieces that I love. Most of them are from the Arts & Crafts period, some are modernist.

I admire the colours, the pure decorative quality, and now also the skill that went into creating them!

Shamefully I didn't always note the creator, or the source of the images. Many of them (at least, those with the black background) are from the Tadema Gallery website. If you recognise any of those unmarked - please let me know and I'll add a credit.

Arts & Crafts, George Hunt 

Arts & Crafts, George Hunt 

Arts & Crafts - C. Blanche Davies

Arts & Crafts - Pheobe Anna Traquair

Art Nouveau - Levinger and Bissinger

Paul Victor Grandhomme

Arts & Crafts - Alice Beatrice Waymouth

Arts & Crafts - Child and Child

Arts & Crafts - Harold and Pheobe Stabler

Arts & Crafts

David Andersen

Mid Century, Jan Tostrup


There are loads more stunning pieces on the Tadema Gallery website, also check their archive!


  1. Tania,
    Thank you for sharing, I really like the Arts and Craft Harold and Pheobe Stabler necklace.

    1. Hi Therese, I love that one too. The colours are just stunning, and I love the combination of the enamels and the fire opals! Tania


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