Monday, 16 June 2014

Out and About - Dartmoor

I have just noticed that I haven't posted for ages...
When I was a jewellery student, I had lots to share. I blogged about the new techniques, tools and designers that I came across. Everything was exciting! I posted pictures of my progress...

Well, since I have been making jewellery full time, My techniques have changed very little, and the style of work has also been quite similar for a long time. I don't want to bore you with more of the same!

So - for now, just to get myself back into the habit of blogging, I'll post an image of Dartmoor.
I woke up there this morning, and now I'm back in London. Quite a contrast!



  1. so nice to see you posting! and what a beautiful view!

  2. Oh Dartmoor is stunning, I'm about to move away from that area to Oxford. I will miss my walks on the beautiful moors, but looking forward to heading back to the city I love.

  3. The air must be so exhilarating up there! All that open space!!!


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