Here are some of the pieces of jewellery I have made over the last two years - newest first!

My most recent work can be found here

For my Flickr set of archived jewellery work - please click here

Final Project - Mercury (Poison) Ring (on left)

Triangle Copper Earrings

Pottery Shard Birds - Necklace and Earring Set

Innie Outie Earrings - Porcelain and Copper

Mummy and Baby Owl Pendants - Copper and Pottery Shards

Tiny Copper and Pottery Shard Charms

Copper and Pottery Shard Pendants

Handmade Chain Samples

Art Deco Inspired Bee Necklace

Scrollwork Silver and Chalcedony Necklace

Copper and Glass Skull Earrings

Art Deco Inspired Bead Necklace

Copper Flower Earrings

Copper and Glass Skull Necklace

Silver and Amber Necklace - For Natasha

Scrollwork Bird Necklace

Scrollwork Flower Necklace

Seaweed Earrings

Collections of Copper Rings made at school

Art Clay Silver Ring
Silver Sugar Skull Necklace - my first jewellery sale on Etsy!

Art Clay Silver Cloud and Rain Pendant

Art Clay Silver Flower Pendant

Art Clay Silver Bird Necklace
It all started with wire wrapping...

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