Friday, 11 September 2009

'Knitting Things' or 'How to Knit Barbapapa'

Harvey - Knitting Things
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I'm in the process of uploading images of my entire collection of childhood books onto Flickr. This is not my current collection of picture books (which I'll get to eventually) but books I owned as a child, lost, and found again. They are essentially 'the books that made me' and I'm very proud of them.
Knitting Things:
I taught myself to knit using this book back in 1976... and have stayed at that very basic level ever since. It has very simple patterns, including 'Barbapapa' (I never made him but should have).
So - should you ever want to knit your very own hairband, pot holder (I managed that one) or Barbapapa....

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  1. I can't believe I've found the Barpapapa pattern. Could you upload the last page of the pattern?


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