Sunday, 27 June 2010

My first MoonflySilver sale

Very pleased to have sold my first item from my new MoonflySilver shop. It was a skull necklace, with teal and red eyes.

 The process of making these necklaces is quite long and fiddly, and those who know me will recognise this- if it can be done in a long and complicated manner, involving many steps and procedures - that's how I'll do it :-)

The skull and flowers are all handmade from metal clay (pmc3), using tools that I made myself for making the spirals, flowers and nose.

Pieces are left to dry, then sanded to smooth out any rough bits. I then torch fire them, buff, tumble and buff again for a the satin finish that I like.

Then - the pieces get washed in a bath of liver of sulphur to oxidise them and bring out the detail of the patterns. Then - buffed again to remove excess oxidisation.

Resin: this is the fun part - playing around with colours and trying two-tone effects ect'.

When the resin is dry (24 hours to 48 hours later, depending on the temperature here in London) - I assemble the piece, choosing beads in complementary colours.

I love the way adding tiny Swarovski crystals adds a subtle bit of sparkle - my favourite colour at the moment is Indian Sapphire. It is similar in tone to the silver, but adds that little something.
I hope the nice lady who bought it loves wearing it!


  1. Hi there :o)

    Just discovered you through your folksy shop. I just had to say how fabulous your work is! I love it!! I am drooling over your items!!!

    Jo x


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