Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My new Etsy shop....

Well, I took the plunge. It's now or never (well, not really - just now or more procrastination) - and I spent yesterday taking yet more photos of my stuff - and in the evening - opened shop.
So - MoonflySilver is up and running with a few of my new creations in it.
Two lovely 'Etsyians' have chosen items for their treasuries - I am very flattered and delighted of course!

The first Treasury is by natalya1905 and is called 'I pounce, You Pounce, We Pounce...
(It has my hypnotized bunny necklace)

The second and slightly purpler Treasury is by WoStudios  and is called 'Plum and Violet Fantasies'.
It has my purple sugar skull necklace.

Thanks very very much! X

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