Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A week of learning...

Last week was a very busy one - 3 courses! It was wonderful and exhausting, I learnt so much from all three and will be applying my new skills to my work as soon as I have bought all the necessary new bits of equipment needed...

The first was at City Lit - a resin course with Clare John which was very thorough, and although I have used resin quite a bit before - there is still a lot to learn, especially from someone with as many years experience of working with resin as Clare has. Great fun!

The second was Texture Making for Metal Clay with Julia Rai at the London Jewellery School in Hatton Gardens - I loved this one! It will revolutionize my way of working with metal clay.
Julia covered the tear away technique and photo polymer plates - very exciting stuff.

The third, also with Julia Rai at the London Jewellery School - Art Clay Certification Level 1 - which was very intense but interesting. My favourite result was the scribble ring, pictured below. The rest of the projects required were technique orientated (ie not necessarily visually inspiring, and not to my taste...) so I won't bother you with them :-)

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