Monday, 16 August 2010

Not very inspired this month...

I have no excuses. I have a new kiln which I haven't even fired up, a new photocopier that I can use to make textures with, a bit of time... but no inspiration. Everyone has periods like this, and I do have a lot on my mind.
It's hard to know whether to push oneself and try to make things anyway, or just allow one's brain to rest and get on with other things. I did make some texture plates, which worked well, but aren't that exciting to use. And a pair of coral cluster earrings which I will photograph tomorrow.

On the plus side - here's a lovely cheerful 1970's illustration from a book I recently sold (and wish I hadn't):
Check out the delightful sun (click to get a much larger version).

The book is called "The Ragamuffin King" and if you like this illustration, there are lots more in my flickr collection, link on the left.
Hopefully inspiration will return soon...

1 comment:

  1. Chin up.....inspiration is like a boomerang - it will come back :)

    Love your book collection....I had many of those when I was small too :)


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