Sunday, 13 February 2011

Art Deco Necklace

As part of my school project I have to research Art Deco jewellery. At first I didn't like it much - no gargoyles, scrolls, mosaics, or other medieval elements in there :-)
But - it's growing on me. Not the shiny stuff with lots of faceted stones, oh no! I like the necklaces by Jacob Bengel which appeal to the graphic designer in me (which I excavate from time to time).

I made a version of one of the necklaces (OK, a near copy, but with my own colour scheme) and I am pleased with the results. Here they both are - the original by Bengel on the top with yellow beads, mine with grey beads and oxidized chain on the bottom.

I tried to match the bead size, length and spacers to the original (by eye), to get a feel of what a Bengel necklace would be like, and I like it! I may make some more!

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