Sunday, 17 April 2011

Car Boot Find of the Day - Naturecraft by G. J. Roberts

This little booklet is exactly the reason I bother getting up early for boot sales (garage sales in the US). It was first published in 1932, this is a 1937 revised and enlarged 3rd edition (!).

It teaches you how to make crafts out of natural objects such as pine cones and orange pips, twigs, feathers, bark and moss. Ahh, the fun to be had!

And to think that before today I had no idea I needed this book...

It starts out innocently enough:

You can make biblical scenes:

You can make birds:

You can make land animals:

Above - a camel. Below - who knows?

You can make aquatic animals, such as this turtle

And prehistoric animals, such as this plesiosaurus!

You can make an entire underwater scene:

You can make people. I won't tell you what these ones are called.
OK, I'll tell you - Sambo and Topsy.

More people...

You can make sporting scenes:

Environmental scenes :

Circus scenes:

And even monsters!


  1. Excellent find! I hope you've made a camel already.

  2. I would have, but sadly I'm all out of gall nuts :-(


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