Friday, 8 April 2011

Finchley Nurseries - Mill Hill (NW London)

I have a friend who has recently moved to my area, so I have taken it upon myself to show her all the local delights. Today was Finchley Nurseries in Mill Hill, which is a garden centre with a little shop and a place for coffee - with a glorious view.

It's a little busy on a weekend - but if you go there on a week day, you'll probably have the coffee table to yourself :-)

So - if you happen to be driving along The Ridgeway in Mill Hill, and see a small wooden sign to the garden centre in Burtonhole Lane - take the turn and drive down, you'll come to it on your left. Oh, and while you're there - buy some of the delicious farm eggs!

The cat (pictured below) was quite annoyed to be disturbed in his chimney, protested loudly and left!

 Update about the farm eggs: They were well worth it! Double yolks in the first two I opened this morning for breakfast!

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