Friday, 1 April 2011

Handmade chains - compromise chain, plated chains and a new design WIP

This chain is sort of a compromise between modern and Arts & Crafts, as far as I'm concerned :-)  It is made from square wire, with figures of 8 and circles connected with slightly smaller circles, so that it can sit well in all directions. I hate it when a necklace becomes twisted and doesn't sit properly.

 Not yet plated, but finished - it has a spiral clasp.

Here are my two Arts & Crafts inspired chains - I wear them together and I'm working on another one for the set - it will be slightly shorter.

Here is the third one - work in progress - made with a twist of flattened wire every third link. I think it will look good with the other two. I really prefer making the fine, fiddly chains to the larger, open link ones...

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