Sunday, 29 May 2011

Porcelain Jewellery Course - Lesson 2

Today I went to my second 'ceramic and metalwork' class.
On our first lesson, two weeks ago, we experimented with ceramic slip and porcelain, making small shapes to use in jewellery. It was the first time I had used these techniques, and we had to work quickly, but it was lots of fun.
Today we got our pieces back from the kiln. They were a lot smaller than I remembered!

This is my collection of pieces. There are some fired white slip drops, some mixing of black and white porcelain, some decals, some texturing with fabric, a couple of pieces that were textured with a stamp - and some free-form pieces.

First I made a brooch using cold connections (tabs) out of a piece of the blue (black) porcelain:

Here are some close ups of the pieces. I may use them for other projects.
The photos are a bit rubbish, but you get the idea:

Next week we will be learning more cold connections, tap and die, and hopefully I'll make another brooch.

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