Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Drawing Lesson #1 with Joanna Veevers

Life drawing is something I haven't really done in years, and I that was never really good at. Yet today - at jewellery school - I found myself having to do life drawing as part of our studies - so that we can draw stuff for clients I presume.

Well, I doubt if I'll ever present a client with a drawing of  a piece of jewellery... But it was quite fun in a strange way...

First we had to draw with ink and a wooden skewer! I liked drawing with a skewer, it makes good lines, and you lose some of the control you have with a pencil for example, which makes the process a bit more interesting.

Then we did some mono-printing, which I last did about... a million years ago in art school. Fun!

Here are a positive and negative print of the same image:

This one has some of the background drawn in as well:

The object was a half used packet of paracetamol, by the way :-)

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