Monday, 16 May 2011

Porcelain Jewellery Course

I started a 3 day course yesterday, learning how to make porcelain jewellery. Since using pottery shards in my jewellery designs, I decided I needed some extra knowledge,  so maybe one day I'll be able to make my own porcelain shards!

Working with porcelain is just wonderful, and after using metal clay - very liberating. You can experiment (we were encouraged to), easily recycle mistakes, and work on a larger scale! I bought a lump home with me to continue my experiments.

Since I didn't think of taking my camera to class - I don't have any photos yet, but they will come in the next few weeks - our pieces have to be fired first.

So - as there are no porcelain pictures - have some more lovely illustrations from 366 Goodnight Stories (Saturday's post).

As ever, you can find a huge collection of gorgeous vintage illustrations in my Flickr set. Link on the left!

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