Sunday, 22 May 2011

Production Line of Handmade Chains...

The plating company I have been working with have told me they will no longer accept one-off pieces to copper plate, so I have had to make a bulk lot of chains to take in.

I make the chains in copper, then copper plate them to cover the solder lines - that gives them a really nice finish. Then I oxidize them...

Chain making is really time consuming, and it's not really worth my while (financially) but I enjoy the process, and it's quite hard to find nice ready made copper chain to suit my designs.

I have made a batch of 4 fox necklaces,  don't know if I'll be making any more after this one.

On the plus side - having to make so many chains has allowed me to refine my link soldering technique, and I also designed a new style of chain that will go really well with my owl pendant (I never learn, do I?).
The ones on the right are the new ones. I call them "double twisted slightly flattened link" chain.

Here is my chain factory - the foxes have got a layer of shellac on them, and are waiting to be etched.

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