Sunday, 1 May 2011

Some new work using pottery shards from the Thames

I went mudlarking last week with my son, (beach-combing on the Thames), and found some pottery shards which I have made into pendants. The pieces with texture on them inspired me the most, because they looked like pieces of fur, feathers or spikes.
The first piece I made was this bird, because the pattern on the pottery looked like part of a wing:

The next piece I made was a hedgehog, because the little brown pieces looked like hedgehog texture to me:

Then came more hedgehogs - so I have 4 in all - all slightly different, but from the same family, obviously:

Then came a bee. It is a bit of a whimsical bee, but I had a piece of pottery with yellow and black stripes, that was a weird shape. Well, that's my excuse anyway, but he is cute:

And last but not least - a little rabbit with white textured fur:

They are all made of copper and silver, all oxidised black, and sealed with jeweller's wax. I have some more designs in mind...

Oh, and here is a picture of all the pieces I have made so far together:

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