Friday, 6 May 2011

Squirrel Necklace with Acorn and a broken bee...

I worked quite hard yesterday, on a pair of earrings and two pendants. My favourite is the squirrel, that worked quite well. One of the pottery shards I found had a tiny blue acorn on it, so I just had to find something for the squirrel. There was a piece of reddish brown mottled pottery in the bag of brown bits that was just right. I could have saved it for a fox I suppose, but too late now.

I tried different ways of joining the squirrel with his acorn, and in the end decided to make the acorn separate and have it dangling from his hands.

The bee was less successful - the first pottery shard changed colour in the oxidising solution (I know, I should have oxidised the piece first then set the pottery, but this has never happened before) - the second piece which was a really nice compromise to the black and yellow stripes of the first one - chipped when I was setting it...

Here is the chipped piece - I will have to break it completely to remove it (again...), and find another suitable bee-ish pattern.

So things don't always go smoothly, but there you go. A challenge!

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