Thursday, 16 June 2011

Gleave, Ward and Craft Central

I had to go into London town today to buy some watch supplies for one of my projects. I was told that Gleave is the place to go. After getting slightly lost in unfamiliar territory, I eventually found them on the corner of St. John Street and Albemarle Way (Clerkenwell). The shop is beautifully old fashioned, with wooden drawers full of all kinds of curious looking things. They were very helpful and patient with my slightly odd request, and I left with exactly what I needed. What a nice place!

Right next door I spotted Ward, the place where people in the know buy their gemstones. It looks quite ordinary from the outside but I peeped inside, and it was buzzing with people. I didn't have the courage to go in, and I don't need any gemstones at the moment, but - it's good to know it's there!

On my way back to Farringdon Station I noticed a place called 'Craft Central'. I went in and to my complete surprise bumped into my old Dreamweaver teacher Xtina Lamb - who was holding an exhibition of her Gocco prints there. I hadn't been in touch with her or seen her for about 12 years (she looks exactly the same!) so it was really nice to see her and her new work. She also runs Gocco printing workshops there.

The websites:

Gleave & Co.-
Ward -
Craft Central -
Xtina Lamb -

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