Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My Level 2 Jewellery Final Project - Mercury (Poison) Ring

I gave in my final project today - a poison ring with mercury (quicksilver) inside. It is sealed under glass with epoxy glue - so it can't escape.
Getting hold of the mercury was a mission in itself - you can no longer buy mercury thermometers - I had to have some bought in from overseas for me. Thank you - you know who you are :-)

As I know there can never be any commercial use for mercury rings - I made some that were visually similar using ball-bearings and tiny silver glass spheres - so they are the supporting act. Each ring has slightly different 'claws' to hold the glass in place, as I wanted them similar but not identical.

A weird chemical reaction - when I put the mercury into the oxidized copper ring - it was bright silver. The next day it turned black - like oil - and today it's turned copper in colour. This may be a world first of  molten copper looking substance!

The mercury behaves exactly like I expected it to - you can play with it and bounce it around inside the ring - hours of fun to be had. The ones with the ball-bearings and spheres are also fun to play with - but in a different way. Overall I'm pleased with the results, although if I had to start again - I would change a couple of things...

Anyway - not the best pictures in the world - but you get the idea hopefully. I'll take more pictures when I have recovered.

bouncy bouncy

bouncy bounce!

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