Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Working really hard on my end of year projects...

I spent the entire day today working on all my end of year projects for jewellery school. It's amazing how much one can get done without a 3 hour return commute across London and a 1 hour imposed lunch break!
I managed to make:
An etched brooch - swaged
Part of an etched component to be swaged - ring or brooch - nearly done
A complete copper mock up of my final project
A complete variation on my final project
Various samples of doming/dapping and swaging
A complete mess of my entire house (etching in the living room, forming in the kitchen, soldering in my hallway)...

Also - I made an important decision - I am going to make my final project in copper. I was so terrified of messing up the very expensive silver I bought that I procrastinated...
Today when I saw the finished mock up - I realized it looks fine in copper and using silver will add very little except expense! Revelation!
Yay copper!

Pictures to come soon...

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