Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Chain Chain Chain..... (More Handmade Chains)

I need to finish 8 chains before tomorrow. So far I have 4, some progress on the other 4...
In order to keep myself entertained during the process, I have made variations in style. This made it take much longer of course but helped keep me sane(ish).

When I was at college I made some twisted wire (using a draw plate) that I have used in two of the chains below. The third has a bit of loop-in-loop going on, wrapped around some flattened discs, just to add a bit of interest.

All chains are now finished and ready to be plated. They will eventually be bird and owl necklaces.

Every time I do a chain making marathon, I decide it will be the last time, as it is so time consuming. But my pendants together with the handmade chains make a necklace that is really unusual and different, it will be hard to start using commercial chains now...

We'll see...

These are enlarged to show detail

These are near the actual size

Through the wonders of Photoshop, this is now silver!

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