Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Enamelling Course Lesson 3 - Cloisonne

Today was our third and last lesson with the lovely Regina Aradesian, who teaches at Holts Academy. She specialises in Plique-a-jour, but that was out of the scope of our course...

Have a look at her stunning work on her website -

We learnt how to use cloisonne wire to make cells that the enamel can be packed into, or just used as decorative lines in the colour.

Cloisonne is not exactly the enamelling technique I want to get in to, but it's good to know how it's done! I'm much more interested in champleve and basse taille, which I shall have to practice on my own.

It was great fun though, and I'm sad the course ended! It was nice to meet you Eileen, Bart, Ilona, Connie and Antonia!
Here are some of our results - not bad for a first try!

Bart applying Etruscan Blue

Antonia's cat before she decided what colour it should be

Eileen, Bart, Bart - click for a larger image

Ilona, Antonia, Tania - click for a larger image

In the morning, when I got to Farrindon Station this morning, the sky looked like this: there was an arch of clouds. It was quite eerie, then it started to rain...

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