Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

30°C in London is not my idea of fun, I don't do heat very well... Getting out of London and into a nice air conditioned museum was a much better option, so my friend and I went to the Ashmolean in Oxford. I have wanted to go there for ages, and it was good!

It's a lot smaller than London museums, but we still managed only a fraction. My favourite object was an ivory knife handle carved with folksy images:

Click for a larger image

click for a larger image
I don't know why that of all things, perhaps because it reminds me of children's book illustrations.

Here are some of the other objects that caught my eye for one reason or another - one must not use a flash in there so not all the pictures worked as well as I wanted...

Ashmolean Museum Visit - click for a larger image

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