Friday, 26 August 2011

Minimalist Marbled Shard Earrings

A minimalist I'm not. I love colour, pattern and clutter, and I find it hard to make 'simple', clean designs, although I admire them when other people do them. 

This beautiful piece of marbled pottery (probably Victorian) that my son found for me is very unusual, and I wanted to make it into some earrings that would show off the pattern without adding too much.

It was quite large so I nipped it into three pieces, two for the earrings, and a slightly larger one which I intend to make into a matching pendant. 

So these are my attempt at being minimalist :-)

They have safety catch ear wires, and should be quite comfortable. I haven't decided if I should oxidise them or not, and I'll work on the pendant tomorrow...

My Owl and Pussycat earrings are making their way to their new owner in Finland!
I managed to sort yesterday's earrings - they are now the same length and in my Etsy shop.

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