Tuesday, 6 September 2011

International Jewellery London - 5th September

IJL - Jewellery stands as far as the eye can see...
Today I found the gemstone suppliers area, where there were people literally stuffing baskets with ropes of gemstone beads, and buying trays of cabochons. Apparently the trade prices are good, and it's when one stocks up. I did see many beautiful stones, in shapes and cuts that I didn't even know existed. It's good to know, and hopefully I will be prepared for next year's show.

Well - I stocked up too - but mainly on business cards :-)
I couldn't resist a couple of pieces though - some labradorite that I hope to make into rings,  a moonstone drop and a pair of small druzy stones that will be earrings one day.

My modest hoard :-)

The designers that caught my eye today were:

Cabbage is King - self taught jewellery artist - http://www.cabbageisking.com

Adele Taylor - jewellery and kaleidoscopes -  Here!

Kerstin Laibach - Ethical and pebbles! - http://www.kerstinlaibach.com/

Kokkino - minimalist but pretty and uses enamels - http://www.kokkino.co.uk/

*Update about Pica packaging that I wrote about yesterday - I had a chat to the owner, and a minimum order is 80 euros, and postage to the UK is 16 euros. www.pica-design.de

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  1. Wow how neat and organized everything looks, little portable stores.


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