Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Seahorse Earrings with Seaweed Shards, and Whale Earrings with Sea Glass

Today was one of those days... I managed to drop my box of silver scrap onto the carpet, and spent ages having to pick up tiny pieces of silver out of the pile with tweezers. I soldered some stuff on the wrong way round, one of my copper bezels broke in the ultrasonic cleaner (sort of 'exploded' - I have no idea how that happened), and the tail broke off the first whale I made.

I should have called it a day, but I am at school tomorrow and won't have time to make anything, it will be too late by the time I get home.

So here is what I managed - some slight variations on older designs, only these ones involve a bit more work. Typical me... I'm absolutely exhausted now!

Copper Seahorse Earrings with Seaweed Pottery Shards

Copper Whale Earrings with Pottery Shard and Sea Glass


  1. Hi Tania,
    We all have those days where nothing goes right, but at least you got to sets of cute and adorable earrings out of the disaster.

  2. Thanks Therese, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day :-)


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