Monday, 24 October 2011

Ashmolean Museum Oxford

My computer died on Friday - it's now fixed but working with a limited capacity... So blogging is a bit tricky but I'll do my best.

Inspired by the ceramics section at the V&A,  I went in search of more British pottery at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford on Saturday (any excuse to go to Oxford again!).

Unfortunately that part of the Museum was closed off for 'installation' - very disappointing! But it's still a great place to visit, so we looked at other stuff instead.

If you would like to see all the photos I took - have a look at the Flickr set - but there was very little light so they aren't great...
Here are some of my faves:

Ivory carved Japanese Rain Dragon

Toad or frog Tsuba - Japanese Sword Mounting


Gold Acorns

Roman Gold-Glass. I love this technique of gold leaf fused between sheets of glass

You can see how this was made in this video I found on YouTube:

What could she be saying?

This pot was covered in owls

Great Unicorn!

Unicorn and Large Rabbit having friendly conversation

It's hard to tell but these look liked winged horses


  1. Wonderful! What was the purpose of the item with the frog though? I'm looking at the shape and placement of those holes and it's not quite clear. Do you know?

  2. Hi Heidi! The toad is a 'Tsuba' - a Japanese sword mounting... I didn't know either :-)


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