Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Willow Pattern 'Nankin' Border

One of my favourite patterns to find when I am searching for pottery shards, comes from the border of the 'Willow Pattern'. I can't find much information about it except that is is a 'Nankin' border.

That information comes from the lovely and useful book 'Encyclopedia of British Transfer-Printed Pottery Patterns 1790-1930' which I use to try and identify some of my finds.

Even though the Willow Pattern is one of the most popular and common,  the following collection is the result of many trips to the river! I just love the variation of size and shades of blue in the different pieces.

Pottery Shards - Willow Pattern Borders
Pottery Shards - Willow Pattern Borders - close-up

The Encyclopedia of British Transfer Printed Pottery Patterns 1790-0930
That particular pattern has featured in two of my earring design, and now I want to make a necklace as well.

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