Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Blue and Green Enamel tests

Today I was doing some more sgraffito tests, trying to learn how to control the colours a little. Here are the results - I may have to conclude that there is not enough contrast between the colours I chose to work with (the green and blue) but my collection of enamels is limited at the moment, and I was trying to make something I might like to wear.

The technique: painting a layer of either black or white liquid enamel onto the copper, firing, painting the opposite liquid colour (ie white on black, black on white) and then sifting a third colour over the top.
Scratching out a design, firing, sifting a fourth colour over the top, firing, stoning down to smooth, then firing again to bring back the shine.

 I think the colours worked out better when the black layer was the first, with white on top. You can see that they are the brighter ones (the top two, and the bottom two on the right)

Click for a larger image


  1. Tania, I have been enjoying your experiments in enameling. I see these and think how neat they would look in a bead embroidery cuff or collar.

  2. They're all really pretty but I agree the one's with the black layer first look brighter.


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