Monday, 21 November 2011

Enamel Colour Testing #3

I'm on my third day of colour tests, and am beginning to feel slightly fed up. Although I know it's practical to make colour samples and technical notes - I just want to play!

So - I allowed myself a little time off, and here are the results.

This piece was made by painting wet process black enamel over a previously fired light blue. I then scratched the design into the black after it had dried on top of the kiln.
After firing the black, I sifted some transparent green over one side, and some transparent blue over the other.

The second one:

Here I painted wet process white enamel over the copper. When it had dried, I sifted some light blue over the top and scratched a design through both layers. After firing, I sifted a darker blue over the whole lot and fired again. Then I stoned back through the darker blue, so that it remained in the recesses, and fired it again to bring it back to shine. I think I saw that technique in the Linda Darty Enameling book - currently my bible.

Here is a closer look at the effect - click for a much larger image.


  1. Looks like you're having lots of fun!

  2. Fun, yes! But I'm on a mission to learn the mysterious ways of enamel :-)


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