Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Paste Solder Fix

Below I have described my first attempt at rejuvenating dried up hard solder paste. I now use a tip I read on Facebook instead. You can read it here:

Here is the original post:

I mostly use paste solder, as I find it behaves nicely and goes exactly where you want it. I have hard solder, medium and easy, and they all work just as well as strip solder and flux.

My hard solder was playing up - it had dried up quite a bit inside (I think I just had it too close to a flame a couple of times), and was very difficult to squeeze out. So I scraped it all out (it was almost the consistency of metal clay) on to a plate, and added a few drops of lavender oil. I mixed it in well with a spatula, adding more oil until the consistency was soft again. I washed out the tip of the syringe really well (there was some wastage, but not nearly as bad as if I had had to throw it all away) - then replaced the tip, and filled the syringe with the now soft solder.

It worked! Rejuvenated solder! Perfect pipeage has been restored!

Just thought I'd share that. I don't know why I decided to use lavender oil - possibly because it is used with metal clay so I knew it would be OK to heat it up with no problems. And it's something I always have in the house :-)

Rejuvenating Silver Solder with Lavender Oil

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