Friday, 30 December 2011

First Pendant using 'Thames Glass' Cabochon

My second batch of 'Thames Glass' cabochons came out well. I cut the glass into smallish pieces, placed them on a sheet of mica, and fired them in a kiln at 850C for about 10 minutes. Not all the glass melted, some of the pieces must have been a higher temperature melting glass or maybe I should have left them in a bit longer... These are still work in progress :-)

Some of the cabochons come out matte, some completely transparent. I think this may hint to the dates of the glass pieces - the clearer the newer. This is based on nothing scientific - just guesswork!

So here is a pendant I made with a blue floral pottery shard and a blue glass cabochon, a tiny moonstone as well.

Sterling silver pendant with pottery shard,
moonstone and Thames Glass cabochon


  1. Love the new pendant.....must be interesting to see how different materials react to firing....

    All the best for a happy, healthy and creative 2012

    Claire :}

  2. Tania, The pendant is very pretty. I love your choice of items to put together, very lovely.
    Happy New Year,


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