Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Black and White Dots - Bracelet Finished at Last

I bought a magnetic clasp for this bracelet, and I feel like a cheat - I should have made my own clasp!
But I wanted something that was secure and easy to put on and take off. Magnets seemed like a good option but I have never used them before. Any comments welcome!

The clasp is from Bellore, and I think it goes nicely with the design.

Pottery Shard Bracelet in Black and White with Magnetic Clasp

I also made another pair of recycled cabochon earrings in blue, after my first pair sold quite quickly... These are a slightly lighter blue.

Recycled Thames Glass Cabochon Earrings in Blue


  1. Ohh thats really beautiful Tana ~ I've never heard of Bellore, the site looks good wish I could see more prices though.

  2. Thanks Jo!
    I think Bellore don't put prices in for the metal items as they change so frequently... But I'm sure they would be happy to tell you on the phone or by email, they are quite good like that.
    If you ever come to London, visit Hatton Gardens - all the jewellery supplies shops including Bellore are there.

  3. I also like magnetic clasps for bracelets because of the ease of use. However, I've found that you have to really test the strength of the magnet to the weight of the bracelet. If the bracelet components are too heavy, they can pull the magnet apart while just hanging on your wrist. As well, I've heard some people complain that magnetic clasps come apart easily as the magnet will often stick to other metal surfaces. I believe some people have even lost their bracelets when the magnet has become stuck to shopping carts and the like. I think it's good to give fair warning that this can occur. Just a heads up! Otherwise, I think they're genius!
    I LOVE those earrings!

  4. Thanks Craftyhope! The bracelet is actually very light, but I never thought about the magnets sticking to other surfaces! Could be extremely annoying! I'll have to test run it I think...


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