Sunday, 15 January 2012

Willow Pattern Triple Drop Earrings

Just finished - a pair of earrings made out of pottery shards with my favourite pattern - from the borders of the willow pattern.

Sterling silver and pottery shard earrings made with with the
willow pattern border. Shown with my entire collection of similar pieces.

These pieces are quite hard to use, as most of them are curved. They come from around the edge of plates and I rarely find flat ones. The pieces in the earrings also have a slight curve, and were a bit tricky to set.

I love these though - each earring  has three different shards from different periods in time, in slightly different shades of blue, and all the patterns are hand painted!


  1. Love love love ~ especially loving the second pendant!!

  2. Tania,
    You know what I like best about your creations? Is that they are made from pieces of history. The earrings are gorgeous in the blue willow pattern.

  3. hi Tania where to buy these gorgeous earrings?:)
    many thanks

  4. Hi Ania,
    Thank you!
    My Etsy shop will be open again in early July, and if you would like some earrings in that design (the ones in the picture have sold), I will be happy to make some for you!


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