Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Etched Brass Plates

The reason I haven't been blogging is that I haven't had an internet connection for the last few days. In fact I still don't - I'm writing this from my mum's house. I'm a complete internet addict, so it's been quite difficult! One gets so used to being able to look up everything in seconds...

Anyway, I have still been very busy on the jewellery front. Yesterday afternoon I decided it was time to try out Press and Peel paper for etching some brass plates, to be used in a rolling mill.

I made the design in positive and negative to see the different results. At first I couldn't get the design to transfer from the press-n-peel to the brass by ironing it on, and wasted about half a sheet of transfers trying out various iron settings and times. In the end - it only worked for me by putting the iron straight on the brass for 2 minutes, then quickly placing the press-n-peel on top, pressing and smoothing it out with my hand whilst wearing my kiln gloves. I know, a bit extreme, but I wasn't going to let that stuff get the better of me. I don't give up :-)

I don't think I have it down to a fine art quite yet, but the results were interesting...

Brass plates with the press-n-peel transfer, negative and positive

After etching - the top one is in negative and should make a raised print.

Copper shapes rolled with the negative design brass plate - the one of the left was pressed tighter so the design is higher

Copper shapes rolled with the positive design  plate so the leaves are recessed.

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  1. Tania, I know what you mean about going through withdraws because of no internet, it is a good thing your Mom has it. I am so enjoying your journey into metal enameling. With this series my favorite is the oval raised leaf impression.


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