Friday, 9 March 2012


My friend has set up her jewellery studio in Hertford, so I popped in to visit her today. Hertford is the county town of Hertfordshire, and is about 20 minutes drive from me. I've driven through there but never actually stopped to have a look, so today was a perfect opportunity. (Apparently Deep Purple formed there in 1968 - I just read that on Wikipedia).
I visited the museum (tiny but good) and the castle (not very old). There are lots of really nice old buildings though, some of them medieval, and it looks like a nice place to have a studio.

Surprisingly I found one of my favourite type of enamelled Roman brooches in the museum, and a couple of old spooky faced vintage dolls as well.
I didn't take photos of the rather splendid old toothbrush display... And now I'm regretting that :-)

The images aren't great as there wasn't much light, but I did my best... The beautiful orange house is 15th century, and is now an antiques shop.

Spooky faced old doll, Hertford Museum

Spooky faced old doll, Hertford Museum
I love the painted details around the eyes. The white spot on her forehead is a window reflection.

Enamelled Roman Brooch

Beckwith and Son Antiques

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  1. Tania,
    It must be nice to live in an area with such old world history. Those dolls are down right scary!


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