Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mudlarking in the Rain

It it exactly a year now that I have been making jewellery out of pottery shards!

It was raining quite heavily at times on Friday, but I was out there mudlarking while listening to podcasts. Total bliss as far as I'm concerned, but I did get quite soggy. Here are my favourite finds... I don't usually pick up clay pipes, but this one has writing on it which makes it interesting. The artichoke will be a pendant...

And hi to the lovely ladies I got chatting with on the shore! Here is a link to my bee

I love the artichoke which was probably part of a lid,
a clay pipe with 'Shoreditch', a blue glass bead  and an unidentified piece of  terracotta

This is the back of the Shoreditch pipe - I think it would have said 'Taylor 45 Holywell'

Lovely textured brown bits - for hedgehogs and other animals

Green plant designs, and a gorgeous grey flower on the left

Bits of people - may favourite is the woman on the top right

The oranges and yellows really stood out in the rain 

bits of birds from the willow pattern


  1. I've never heard the term mudlarking, I love it. I always love to see all the goodies you find!

  2. Hi Tania,
    You got a good hall this time. I love the orange and yellow pieces. Looking forward to seeing the beautiful pieces you create with your finds.

  3. Mudlarking sounds a bit like digging for never know what you are going to find.

    Despite the rain it does sound like alot of fun and you certainly found some wonderful pieces.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to know the stories behind each old they are , where they came from and who they belonged to?

    Claire :}


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