Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pottery Shard Eggs

A little more progress with my chicken and egg project: I shaped some egg cabochons out of crackled pottery shard pieces I had collected for this purpose...

I love the subtle differences in colour and crackle patterns!
Playing around just with the eggs has given me some more ideas :-)


  1. The eggs are brilliant Tania.....great mixing up the materials.

    The cracked pottery reminds me of hard boiled eggs that have been cracked and then dyed in t black tea.

    I'm keen to see how you put it all together...

    Claire :}

  2. Dear Tania, we met a few months ago on the foreshore when we were both mudlarking - you kindly passed on a piece for my mosaic work, which has yet to begin. Your work is so lovely. I've just started a blog on mudlarking, where I post my finds along with pictures of objects they might have come from and snippets of information I've gleaned from the web. The link is, I'm completely new to blogging but once I've worked out how to 'follow your blog' I'll link to yours. I'm sure we'll bump into each other again hunting for pottery. With best wishes Julia


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