Monday, 28 May 2012

Very Long Pottery Shard Necklace

This is what I was working on over the weekend. I wasn't going to make any more pottery shard pieces, but I couldn't help myself - once I had thought about it, it had to be made, so I could see what it would look like...

18 inch silver and pottery shard dot necklace

It took ages to choose and shape all the pottery shards (there are 22 of them) -
not to mention making all those bezels...

Silver and pottery shard long dot necklace

Now it's back to enamelling....


  1. I love both the simplicity and complexity of this piece. It is just lovely!

  2. As ever this is lovely, very, very sad to hear that you won't be making any more pieces from Thames foreshore shards - I've so enjoyed these pieces. But you clearly have lots of other projects to explore which is always so exciting and the enamel looks very georgous. I hope the design exhibition goes well, I was wondering if I would be able to pop down but unfortunately I'm away all this week in Bristol. All the best Julia


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