Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Enamelling vs Plumbing

What started out as a day of enamelling ended up as plumbing after I dropped a piece of enamel down the drain... I took off the u-bend to retrieve it, but then couldn't fit it back on again without it leaking. Grrrrr...

I had to dismantle the cupboard door, clear out everything that was in there (slightly soggy by now) (I found a fossilized orange down there) and climb in there to have a better look.

Eventually sorted it all out, but am really exhausted!

I have learned my lesson and now have one of those mesh thingys in the plughole.

Various degrees of success with the enamels, but here is one piece that looks nice in macro. In reality it's only 1cm in diameter...


  1. Aaaargggh I feel your frustration Tania......time wasted faffing around .
    Lessons learnt....

    Love the colours in this piece, absolutely beatuiful.

    CLaire :}

  2. It's good to know that you have fixed it yourself! Congratulations! And the enamels are all beautiful!

    emergency expert plumbers


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