Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Broadband at Last!

I've been off line for a few days with no broadband. It's been hell. Anyway that's all in the past, and I have been making earrings in the meantime.

Here are some long dangle bird earrings with crackle shards, and another couple of pairs in the tumbler that I shall add later.

Long dangle earrings with bird and crackle shards

Yesterday I went into town with my son who is doing some work experience in the city. It's near the place I go mudlarking, and the tide was out... So it was a good excuse to go down to the foreshore and look for treasure.

Every time I go, there seems to be a theme to what I find most that visit. Sometimes it's patterns, sometimes it's textured pieces - this time it was people. I have very few pieces with people on them, and I am saving them for a project I have in mind...

Half a lady with guitar, a bit if a couple, a headless body, a boat, half a cow...

Pretty patterns...


Colourful shards

Crackle shards - I love the different patterns of crackle

Non blue and white pieces - there weren't many yesterday... But these are good ones!

And finally - some earrings, fresh from the tumbler...

Blue Dot Circle Earings
Drop earrings with willow pattern dots

1 comment:

  1. Oh boy you really scored this time.
    I love all your new things, and can't wait for you to open your Etsy shop again


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