Friday, 13 July 2012

Fiona Rae Enamels

These cufflinks are small, and have tiny, tiny faces
in the centre of each circle! Amazing!
The other day, on a visit to Hatfield House for a picnic (in the rain) - I found a jeweller who has her studio/shop there. Fiona Rae is an enameller by Royal Appointment, and her work is incredibly beautiful!

She works in champleve and basse taille techniques (both my favourites) over silver and gold. The delicate details are what make these pieces so special, and the beautiful colour treatment.

There is not much more to say - have  a look for yourselves!

PS - not all the images on the site do justice to the work. The image above is one of the better ones...

I would suggest you go and see them in person! The park is a very nice place to walk around in, and the house is interesting too.
This is what we witnessed as we were having our lunch (when we had set out it was a glorious day...)

The black clouds creeping in over the blue sky... Very soon in was pouring!

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