Wednesday, 4 July 2012

First Crop of Raspberries!

I am completely thrilled with my first proper crop of raspberries that I picked a few moments ago. I had to pick off an equally thrilled slug and a snail from the bush, but they had already had their eaten quite a few, judging by their size.

I had given up on the garden this year as well, because of the strange weather, but the raspberries obviously don't mind.

OK perhaps there aren't that many but I did eat a few on the way upstairs...


  1. Home grown Raspberries are absolutely delicious.
    I used some of last seasons in a Jumble Crumble I made for dessert last night (rhubarb, apple and raspberries) . Still have plenty in the freezer, might need to make some jam, yum...

    Clair e:}

  2. Hi Claire, Jumble Crumble sounds delicious! Recipe? XXX


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