Friday, 6 July 2012

WIP - Painted Rainbow Bracelet

Most of the work for New Designers was in blue, and I am craving colour a bit now. I have got the pink dot bracelet out of my system, and I have just sorted out the pieces for a 'Painted Rainbow' bracelet.

All the pieces I have chosen for this one have been hand painted at some point in the last 300 years (the purple piece of Delftware on the left is at least that old) and they come in many colours!

And my very small collection of purple bits will just about yield a bracelet too!

Well that's my weekend sorted!


  1. Oh my Tania, I can not wait to see how the Rainbow bracelet turned out. You always do beautiful work.
    Please go by and check out my blog there is a surprise there for you.

    1. Therese, you always say the nicest things. Thanks so much I feel very honoured! xxx

  2. Lovely bits! can't wait to see what you do with these!


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