Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cork Street Galleries & Stephen Chambers Art

Stephen Chambers - Venture to the Exterior - Screenprint

I took the morning off jewellery making yesterday, and met a friend for some 'arty' inspiration. Since I have been interested in jewellery, I had almost forgotten that other art forms exist, so it was good to be reminded.

She took me to Cork Street - a whole street full of small independent galleries  near the Royal Academy. I had no idea that place existed, and it's great to discover new bits of London ,
As a Londoner I now find myself guilty of taking it for granted - although when I just moved here 16 years ago I couldn't get enough of it. I need to get out more...

I have a new favourite artist now - Stephen Chambers. Internet images don't do justice to his work, which is really delicate and beautiful.

Cork Street Galleries

Flowers Gallery - Stephen Chambers

RA - Artist Profile - Stephen Chambers 

Stephen Chambers Website

When I got back I caught up on my day's work - working late but trying to be as quiet as possible so as not to annoy my neighbours...
Two new pairs of earrings are on their way!

Some hours later:

Grey Days - Triple Dot Earrings

Tribal London - Black and White Fragment Earrings

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  1. Lovely art (had to check it out), and love the Tribal London pair - those are sweet!


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